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Finally, we thought there'd be world peace before we got this catalog in our grubby paws. But alas, here it is. Paper. Not a PDF. This means you'll have to hold in your hands not like a cell phone and read it. We know that's an antiquated concept now a days but we're antiquated guys... 4 bucks shipped. Lovingly hand folded and stapled in the valley. 



Another Happy Customer!



Los Angeles based Bicycle frame and component manufacturer. We're very small, we do it ourselves, we love bikes, we have day jobs. 

99.9% of people who ride bikes are not racers, we cater to the 99.9% of people that ride for fun and fitness, want to cruise but also want something that can take the demands of hard riding. Our 26" BMX cruiser frame is bombproof, we've beaten the hell out of it before we even dared sell one. It's versatile, it will take both one and three piece cranks (with an adapter), take 1" 1/8 threadless forks but with another adapter, you can run an old style 1" threaded fork for a true old school look.  The frames are made out of 4130 chromoly tubing, tough and strong as hell, you'll never need another cruiser after this one, it will last a very long time.


Complete looptail rear end, you can see it's strong as all get out, even without the loop being triangulated by being attached to the seat tube, it still supports Jim's weight.