Genuine Bicycle Products “Snakebelly” BMX cruiser tire


26 x 2.125 tire


Comes in 5 color variations


All Black


Black with Gum Wall


Red with Gum Wall


Blue with Gum Wall


Yellow with Gum Wall


New tooling made from an original tire.


Made with around 65-70% natural rubber, the rest made from non-regrind (recycled) synthetic. What this means is the tire should be longer lasting, higher quality than your typical Kenda or Cheng Shin offerings.


Made in Thailand.


New tooling made from an original tire. This means it is very close to the original tire and no one else has these.


For now this size only. Other sizes will be considered if these sell briskly. It took near a year to get all the tooling, logistics etc done for this one size so we cannot “just” make a different size at the snap of one’s fingers. I’d love to have all kinds of sizes, that would be rad but we will see… I hope you understand.


Bulk discounts are possible for 10 sets of tires in the greater Los Angeles area for local pick up only, otherwise no discounts of any kind are expressed, implied, nor will be considered. Be nice people, let’s not waste each others time with fruitless low balling and haggling.


Prices are for 1 pair of tires, shipping is $20.00 extra.


Being that the tires are made of mostly real rubber some extra care needs to be heeded:


Do not leave the tires exposed to the sun for days at a time


Do not use any hard cleansers or any alcohol based cleaners such as baby wipes to clean the tires, if you do the tires will dry out and begin to show cracks.